How much commission does pepperstone charge?

We don't charge fees for trades made on our standard account, but there is a margin of 1 pip on unprocessed spreads. Either they don't charge brokerage fees or they charge a low price for other brokers' services. This means that you can use Pepperstone anytime, several times a week or daily, even if you don't trade frequently. To open a broker account with Pepperstone, you must deposit a minimum of 200 units of the base currency.

Pepperstone does provide an Islamic account for Muslim traders who follow sharia law and are prohibited from earning or paying interest for holding open positions. Pepperstone accepts several popular deposit options, such as Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, mPESA, and PayPal. Below are the fees, spreads and fees that you can expect to see in Pepperstone's list of spreads when trading with the company. Pepperstone also doesn't impose an inactivity fee, which is great because it means that your account won't be held accountable if you don't trade for months or years.

Compared to other brokers, Pepperstone charges in Australian dollars, giving them a competitive advantage over the competition. Pepperstone doesn't charge fees for withdrawing funds and is free for credit and debit cards and e-wallets. Pepperstone has an Islamic account for Muslim traders who follow sharia law and are not allowed to earn or charge interest when they have open positions. There are additional brokerage fees that Pepperstone does not exempt from, such as inactivity fees or fees for maintaining and managing your account and funds.

This means that you can use Pepperstone even if you trade frequently, such as many times a week or daily. Pepperstone Markets Limited is headquartered at Sea Sky Lane, B201, Sandyport, Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas, and is authorized and regulated by the Bahamas Securities Commission (SIA-F21). At midnight, the one-day rates at Pepperstone are set taking into account the regional interest rates of the product on which they are based, plus (or minus) the fixed charge of 2.5%. You can contact the Pepperstone support team to find out if margin betting is allowed and what fees would apply.

In Pepperstone Razor accounts, fees are added as a trading fee, since you will be trading with interbank spread quotes starting at 0 pips.