Does pepperstone charge overnight fees?

Pepperstone does not charge funding or withdrawal fees; however, your bank may charge a brokerage fee.


doesn't charge any fees on your part, however, Mirror Trader may charge fees on your part. This is a copy trading service integrated into the MetaTrader trading platform. MetaTrader has an extraordinarily large market with thousands of free and paid signals.

MetaTrader signals categorize these signal providers to help you find the signal that fits your needs. Rating options include trading results, growth charts, and stocks. You can then choose the signal you want so that you can execute the real-time copy of the operators you want. Pepperstone does not charge fees for using MetaTrader Signals; however, MetaTrader may charge fees for using its service.

Pepperstone's commodity swap fee is calculated by multiplying the average price of a CFD by 2.5 percent 365 days a year. This fee applies if you pay the basis of your transaction or if you receive the basics. If you have an open position in CFDs on indices, CFDs on stocks or commodities, you will be charged every day you have an open position. At midnight, one-day rates at Pepperstone are set taking into account the regional interest rates of the product on which they are based, plus (or minus) the fixed charge of 2.5%.

Low spreads are determined by third-party liquidity providers, and Pepperstone charges a commission rather than increasing the spread. Pepperstone cTrader is a simplified trading platform that is available as a download or web-based interface, stable and easily accessible from any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer). With Pepperstone, you have one of the largest ranges of social trading tools to choose from among all the online brokers. If you're looking for a broker that offers low spreads and fast execution, Pepperstone is definitely worth considering.

Pepperstone also offers a swap-free Islamic account that incurs management fees after a two-day retention period. This means that you can use Pepperstone even if you trade frequently, several times a week, or daily. Pepperstone doesn't charge any inactivity fees, which is great because your account won't be charged even if you don't trade for a longer period of time (months or years). Pepperstone publishes weekly margin charges for each currency pair and are based on the size of a standard lot (100,000 base units).

Pepperstone offers easy access to markets, allowing the client to focus on the complicated task of trying to successfully trade the markets. Pepperstone has some of the most competitive fees of all CFD providers, and the forex broker has some of the lowest spreads, of 0.0 pips, ensuring that it is suitable for all investors. Using cTrader Automate with Pepperstone is free, however, cTrader may have fees on your side. The Pepperstone website contains comprehensive educational resources through a dedicated section that includes tutorials for learning how to trade Forex, numerous archived and live webinars, and an impressive list of trading guides.

Of the brokers that offer commited accounts, Pepperstone offers one of the most competitive fees in the industry. There are additional brokerage fees that Pepperstone does not exempt from, such as inactivity fees or fees for maintaining and managing your account and funds. With Pepperstone you can trade CFDs from hundreds of the top companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, ASX, LSE and XETRA. Pepperstone charges in AUD, which provides them with a competitive advantage over other brokers for Australian traders.